The world of Eschatos has grown old and tired…

Tired kings rule over ancient kingdoms. Primordial forests close off their borders with vines and wood. Ancient ruins lie sleeping, dusty and crumbling to the elements.

It is a time of slow decay. Great civilizations are slowly crumbling under the heavy weight of their people and customs. The time of heroes has seemingly passed, a now ancient time that none can seem to recapture.

Prophecies as old time itself are coming true, both amazing the seers and striking fear in their hearts. Not all prophecies predict fortune and prosperity.

Are you an anomaly? A soul from an ancient time? The reincarnation of an ancient hero? For surely, there are no men like yourself in this time. Your abilities and powers are not uncommon, but it is your drive and will that separate you from your peers. You may not know it yet, but you will shape Eschatos, and the worlds beyond will take notice.

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Adventures in Eschatos

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