Adventures in Eschatos

A Summation of Travels

Things settled in the deep of the temple, we examine our surroundings. The large runic circle engraved in the floor looms ominously. The pommel of the sword of the leader Eladrin rolls off as the bodies of the fallen lay around us. The pommel stone has strange markings and is lukewarm with destiny. We barely get a moment to think on that when the world goes gray, our senses betray us, and reality shifts out of alignment.

When we regain focus we find ourselves in a log cabin. Cozy. Fire crackling. Stew cooking. A man sits in the corner. We have many questions. He has answers. But his answers are almost riddles. He tells us of the stone. But we don’t know what it is. He tells us that many factions are vying for it. But we don’t know exactly who they are. He says that the stone will always find its way back to us. He says we are the bringers of the Nothing.

What does one say to that? And where exactly are we? It’s time we were on our way but as we open the door to the outside, we notice a problem. There isn’t so much an “outside” as there is a chasm of dark gray endlessness. No sky. No ground. Nothing in any direction. We’re encouraged to jump to get back to the Temple. Hurray.

Back in Talum we study our list of “interested parties” to better understand what’s happening around us. Little information is available, but we piece together a few things. A location of a stone ruin formation in the Elven Forrest appears to be essentially our only line of investigation. So we head South, again on horseback.

After some days riding we approach a band of mercs, led by a dragonborn. They block our path and tell us to hand them the stone. We try to pump them for information about why and who, but it leads only to weapons becoming unsheathed. The battle is hard and fast in melee, but two annoying elven archers pick at us from a distance. We knock out the dragonborn, to question later, and run down the twin elves to “suggest” they lay down arms.

The heat of battle now cooled off, we ask the leader to explain himself. All he can offer us is a parchment with a cipher of his instructions. He doesn’t know anything useful and we cut them loose. We give a glance at the paper. It’s just a few sentences in our common script, but the letters are all jumbled. A closer look at it, later. For now: travel.

We come to a fork in the road, or rather literally, a boot in the road. Another boot. Silver loves the boot. He doesn’t know why, but it makes him smile. We follow the small trail the boot was marking. Not long we spot brother boot. He stands guard for a log cabin. We’ve had such luck with cabins before. This should go swimmingly.

We collect our boots and enter. It’s refreshing to be out of the cold and rain. Nice and warm. Accommodations with four beds. There are four of us. It’s almost too perfect, but the day has been long and the beds are very, very inviting. So inviting. So sleepy. Maybe just a few winks…



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