Adventures in Eschatos


A battle and a prophecy

As the last of the tentacle creatures fall, you breath a sigh of relief. The aches, bruises, and cuts of the last day are starting to catch up with you, and you could really use some rest. Those thoughts are wiped away, as you hearing faint laughing behind you.

You turn to see the lead Eladrin, who is lying on his back, propped up slightly with his elbows behind him. Blood stains his blonde hair, and his dead white eyes fall upon you. He feebly raises his hand and points at Bren.

“You… You were first into the ring…” He motions to the arcane circle he lies within. “My prophecy has been set into motion, and will not be stopped.”

He stops to raise his hand to his mouth as he coughs up blood. “You all have brought about the end of all things,” he says softly. Suddenly, his elbows give out from under him, and he lays within the circle.

“I am Erevenn, and we are nothing.”

With those words, he grabs his sword and holds it to his chest, the original position you saw when you first encountered him. His physical body fades out of existence, leaving only his clothing and armor behind. The other two eladrin fade out of existence as well, leaving behind only their robes.

His sword fades out of existence with him, however, the pommel of sword falls out, clinking softly on his chest. It’s a smooth black stone engraved with a rune.

We can pick up from there next week.


jaisonkane jaisonkane

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