Adventures in Eschatos

Session Report - 1/12/11


We start the session in media res with the party breaking through the tree line in front of a Temple of Kroan after a 12 day journey. Staring back at them is a group of goblins and a large guardian drake. The drake charges the party as Silver hides in a tree. After dispatching their foes, we flashback to where it all began…

Thefts have been on rise, centered around Silver’s family. Wald decides to investigate with the town guard.

Grugg enters town, and runs afoul of a (racist) nobleman. He is (reluctantly) arrested by the town guard.

As Wald and Silver talk briefly about the thefts, a loud noise comes from the kitchen. Upon arriving, they find a very old and dirty Bren coming out of the pantry with a pot on his head. He is arrested for theft, trespassing, and being a dirty hobo.

Confirming their suspicions that Bren was not the thief, Wald and Silver go to pay a visit to the local jail, and speak with Jailer James, who is currently being driven to drink by the ramblings of an old man, who unbeknownst to him, is slowly growing younger before his eyes.

Wald and Silver, with the help of Grugg’s pleasant demeanor, convince James to leave as they speak with Bren. A few key facts are learned: Bren thinks he’s from 10,000 years in the past. Grugg believes him. Wald and Bren know about an Eladrin temple where portals and things were alleged to be practiced.

Bren and Grugg are released from jail, and the group decides to go explore the Temple, looking for any information about what may have happened to Bren.

After buying supplies, they strike out. On day 10 of their journey, as they are deep in the Valenae Forest, they setup camp for the night. A beautiful, mostly-not-clothed elf maiden approaches their camp. She speaks in elvish, telling Bren that his debt has come to term, and her Master will collect. Silver is amused. Bren comes clean with his nature, explaining that he struck a deal with nature itself, and wasn’t really clear on the terms.

We then catch up with the beginning of our story, and upon investigating the goblins for loots, they discover the goblins and drake all have dead white, iris and pupil-less eyes. The investigate the interior of the temple, finding a secret staircase triggered by a wall switch. Deep down the stairs they go, finding a corridor dimly light by wall sconces. They discover another small group of goblins, which turn into a larger group of goblins, and a trap lining the corridor which triggers spears to shoot up from the floor. They dispatch the goblins, taking their share of licks as well, and look down to another set of stairs leading further down.


jaisonkane jaisonkane

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