Adventures in Eschatos

The Threshold of Kroan

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace the Nothing

A time traveler, minotaur, junior investigator, and thief treasure hunter walk into a Temple…

Two weeks ago the world greeted us with a yawn. Now we’re marked as the bringers of the Nothing. You might be asking yourself why. I think we’re all asking the same thing.

The Temple of Kroan- home to more than the history books suggest. Ask Wald, although he may be updating the pages on the fly.

Glass-eyed goblins litter this place. They are armed and have set traps and are defending… something, but the look (or rather lack of look) in their eyes suggest they are not in command here. We push through a corridor filled with them to find a completely decayed ancient library that has long lost it’s texts to time. All the texts except one, weighted down by a moonstone on a magical dais, preserved for what could have been an eternity, seemingly for us to discover.

We barely have time to glance at it when another horde of sneaky little bastard goblins hear us from the next room. We bang the door open to find a goblin rat-shaman and his band of archers and stabbers and little foaming berserkers. Taking a minute to handle the initial onslaught we employed the tried and true method of “if they can’t see us, they can’t hurt us” and shut the door. This was then the pattern. Shut door, gather breath, open door, (wave), pew pew, shut door, repeat. Eventually whittling them down to just the leader shaman and some lackeys, we press fully into their room and thoroughly gut them.

Combing over the dead we relieve them of some silver pieces and Bren picks up a sparkly longsword (although it doesn’t seem to be helping him in the kill count, zing). And we get to take a proper look at the uncorrupted script.

deep within the Grey times
a band of three
and a ring of one
horns will blaze and
steel clash
to seek truth and unlock
for fame and fortune long forgotten
the Rune will be
which will signal

Oh goodie.

We let that wash over us as we proceed further into the temple, finding ourselves before a great arch, lined with runic ancient words, barring us from our path. Whispers creep into our minds in a haunting language that feels familiar but remains a mystery. As the voices increase the pressure in our heads we race to find meaning in the runes and unlock the way forward. Coordinating our efforts we discern the patterns and enter the right combination of runes. The magical barrier drops out and the ghosts in our minds are instantly silenced. A little shaken and hesitant, we press on.

A long hallway leads us to a room marked with a large runic circle set in the tiles of the floor, with arcane symbols in the center. The bodies of three eladrin rest upon raised pedestals. The instant we break the plane to the room, the central one hovers from his place and levitates upright. He says the prophecy is now complete. We are here. And he cannot let us continue.

A salvo of failed diplomacy later we resign to the inevitable battle and meet our destiny head on. The hovering glass-eyed eladrin silently wakes his recumbent friends and summons three of the ugliest tentacle monster ooze things we have ever seen. Actually they are the only tentacle monster ooze things we have ever seen, but I’d imagine they are probably pretty ugly even among their own kind.

This battle tested us to our very core. Focus fire on the main eladrin was probably wise as his attacks hit hard and rendered us immobile, but during that time his companions were able to pick at us and wear us down. The tentacle beasts lashed out at us and we could feel them in our minds, a sensation I’m not willing to relive any time soon. The other eldarin relentless clawed at us with hands like granite. Wald was constantly refreshing our spirits and just when things were looking the worst for our group he called forth his holy might and imbued us with divine defense, thus able to fend off the constant barrage and turn the battle in our favor.

Exhausted from battle, the prophetic words still echo in our ears. What is it that we have done…


jaisonkane jca

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