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  • Songs of Hodora

    The Songs of Hodora are a set of 12 ancient texts passed down through the generations in Hodor. They are said to the words of the gods, transcribed by the ancient King Hodora, who ruled the land so many generations ago. They vary in length and import, …

  • Captain Pierce

    Captain of the Watch, Hodor's city guards. Captain Pierce has dark hair, worn close cropped. He sports a thick bushy walrus mustache. He is a boisterous, kind man who always keeps the best interest of the city and it's citizens in his heart and …

  • Guard Hector

    Tall and lean, typically found leaning lazily on the shaft of a spear. Thin, straw-colored hair cut just above his shoulders whips in the cold air. A favored runner of the watch.

  • Guard Vincent

    Was on "watch" when the party arrived in Hodor. A large man, clean shaven, with short, dark hair, not quite out of shape, but potentially on his way. Wears worn and old chainmail.

  • King Aldric

    King Aldric of Hodor, the third of his name. Slayer of the frost giant Mindugr. Uniter of the Palvonia North Tundra, and Protector of the Frost Forest. King Aldric has longish shaggy dishwater blonde hair, with more than a few strands of grey. He …

  • Songkeeper Jek

    Songkeeper Jek is Hodor's head scholar and librarian. He dresses in long white robes, with a head full of long white hair. Serves as King Aldric's sage and advisor.

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