Songs of Hodora

The Songs of Hodora are a set of 12 ancient texts passed down through the generations in Hodor. They are said to the words of the gods, transcribed by the ancient King Hodora, who ruled the land so many generations ago. They vary in length and import, but the 12th Song, the Song of Deliverance, both the last and shortest Song, is transcribed below.

The Song of Deliverance

I feel my songs coming to end, but impart this final vision:
The ruinsstaag must be constantly vigilant
For during the twelfth month, four shall arrive through the ruinsstaag
From Nowhere
Four strangers
A warmth in the winter
They shall lead us to war
They shall stop us from war
They shall finally deliver us into a new age.

For the age of our fathers will have passed behind,
Their might will only take us to so.

They must be tested, and they must be true.
They must be tested, and they must be true.

Watch, oh watch, the ruinsstaag until they arrive
For they will be our deliverance.

Songs of Hodora

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